High Blood Pressure In August 2014 an ex colleague of mine told me about juicing and how it had helped her through recovery from a serious illness. I mentioned it to my husband, Martin, who said he delivers post to a juice therapist. I did not hesitate in contacting Carol to make an appointment to see her. Martin and I went along to see what it was all about and I have never looked back. To be honest, I found the 7lb in 7 days very easy, but Martin not so….he’s a real sugar addict, so it was like living with someone giving up smoking! I did not get seriously into juicing until, after a very stressful time with work and family, I was diagnosed with blood pressure of 182/118 and prescribed medication. This was a wake up call for me as my parents have both had strokes. After two weeks on the tablets I decided to juice seriously. My GP said my BP was back to normal on my next visit, but something was telling me the juices were responsible, especially as my GP had warned me that he would probably need to up the dose or add another tablet as this is what usually happens. Well, I stopped taking the tablets, checked my BP every couple of days at home and I now have an average reading of 124/82, which is great considering the stress factors are still present. I have only had 1 migraine since Christmas and I used to get 2 a month for 72 hours. Thank you Carol for introducing me to the magic of juicing and possibly saving my life! I’m now trying to stick to whole foods, raw foods, smoothies and juices. I feel so much better physically and mentally. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! xx

Allergic to my Horses Hi I went and brought a juicer after lending one from my grandma, I have been taking a shot of ginger with apple every morning since I got your email… and I can honestly say it does seem to be making a difference…. we are all astonished especially myself. I groomed him 3 days ago before a long ride and usually my eyes are streaming, along with nose sneezing and constant running and feeling like face on fire.. but no…. no…. not yet….. again today long groom and nothing like I used to be.mThank you from the bottom of my heart I could hug you so hard right now you have truly helped make a difference to my life with my best friends…… x yippee………………………… Kindest warmest regards Miranda x

Juicing Carol has been so incredibly helpful in getting me going with my juicing. She has had endless patience, answering all my questions, and giving so much advice and guidance. And above all she is so enthusiastic about it that you can’t fail to be inspired by her!
Miranda from Hythe

IVF & Weightloss I’ve lost 7.5lbs in 5 days and I feel great!!!
I first contacted Carol after finding her via The Juice Master website. My Mum had seen Jason Vale on TV and after she told me about him I couldn’t wait to look into it further. I’ve always had a very unhealthy diet, having never eaten a salad in my life, only occasionally eating a bit of fruit and veg but never in a raw/live form. I’ve been yo-yo dieting for the last 18 years and will regularly gain and lose 2-3 stone in a year. A week ago I was still 2 stone overweight.
I’m currently undergoing IVF treatment. I’m 36 and I have been trying for a baby without success for many years, I have polycystic ovaries and something the NHS calls ‘unexplained infertility’. When I got in touch with Carol I asked her to help me do everything I can to increase the chance of the IVF working by losing weight and getting as healthy and detoxed as possible before the treatment starts to intensify in the coming weeks and for advice regarding combatting the nasty side effects. Carol has been amazing, I asked for her to help me with one specific thing (IVF) but her advice has given me so much more, she’s opened up my eyes to the bigger picture, the whole world of Juicing, healthy eating and living and how it effects every aspect of mine and everyone else’s life. My only regret is that I didn’t come across Juice Master and Carol before, I can’t help but wonder if I’d even need the IVF if I had. I’ve completed the 5lbs in 5 days Juice Master Detox programme this week – it’s fantastic!! I would recommend it to everyone, I’ve lost 7.5lbs in 5 days and I feel great. I’ve always been like the walking dead in the mornings, snoozing my alarm several times and really struggling to get up regardless of how much sleep I’d had. On day 2 I jumped out of bed before my alarm and was exercising at 6am, it’s been like that most mornings since and I’m sleeping so much better now. Don’t get me wrong the 5 days wasn’t all fun and games, I had a couple of dark moments which Carol has supported me through, she taught me options and solutions that were invaluable.
Since my ‘enlightenment’ I’ve been doing lots of research and it turns out that the likely cause of my polycystic ovaries is refined sugar!! (google PCOS and refined sugar) it’s sad that I am only finding this out now, I’ve been under the Assisted Conception Unit at my local NHS hospital for over 3 years now, not once in that time did anyone tell me this, or that I should look at my diet, they didn’t even mention my weight! I feel let down by the NHS and will not just take the words of doctors and nurses as gospel in the future. So now I only have 1 and a half stone to go until I get to a sensible weight, with my newly acquired knowledge I don’t think this will be a problem. The success of IVF remains to be seen but regardless of the outcome I know I feel much better equipped to deal with whatever the future holds.
Thanks again Carol Rebecca from Sutton, Surrey

Diabetes I would like to say a very, very big thank you to you for all your help, assistance and guidance whilst I embarked on the 5 day super detox. Your endless enthusiasm and encouragement were so beneficial to me not only on the detox but also in life. As you know I am a diabetic, my blood sugar levels were quite high, I have been on medication for many years which stabilised my levels, but they were still too high, I started the 5 day detox and reduced my medication by 50% (almost as an experiment to see what would happen, I did monitor my levels very closely), well my blood sugar levels have dropped so dramatically that I am considering stopping my medication completely. This was my main target, to rid myself of the medication. Additionally I used to drink around 20 cups of coffee every day; I haven’t had any coffee for approximately a month now and of course I am overweight, I didn’t start this detox to necessarily lose weight but realised that I may whilst juicing, needless to say I have now lost 17lbs, so really happy. Whilst on this journey it has also taught me about the importance of what you actually eat, this really has been and will continue to be a total change of life for me; I don’t crave for food now, or eat out of boredom. I really enjoy all the different juices and I cannot believe I am saying this but I enjoy having my salads for my evening meal. I have even gone out and bought a dehydrator which I am so excited about starting to use. So again Carol I cannot thank you enough for helping me to reach my goals. I am sure we will continue to keep in touch for many years to come.
Keep well and healthy! Thank you from a devoted convert. Mark Lopez

Premenstrual Dysphorphic Disorder (PMDD) Hi Carol,I’ve been meaning to email you just to say thank you for your advice.I’m not sure if you remember we spoke on the phone about my PMDD months ago and I was desperate for anything to cure the PMDD I was diagnosed with.Well, I’ve been juicing since January and incorporated the Coconoil into my diet it has virtually disappeared! Last month I had no symptoms at all and this month – only one day which is a massive difference.If I hadn’t have spoken to you and stuck to drastically changing my diet I wouldn’t have thought it possible. So it’s taken about 6 months to eradicate it but now I have the tools to keep it at bay 🙂 Thank you so much and keep up the great work! Jodie xx

General Health Hi Carol, Thank you so much for the information you shared with me – I’m now on day 5 of the 7lb in 7 day super juice diet and I feel GREAT!!!
I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to speak to me in depth about the health issues I mentioned – you provided solid, actionable details and plenty of helpful insights on how to move forward. You gave me a compelling reason to get onto the program – I’ve bought the Turbo Charge your life in 14 days plan and am already much of the way through it so I’m SO looking forward to the results. My stomach has in 5 days totally deflated and lost 3 inches 🙂 and my skin looks brilliant. Most of all, I’m sleeping better and have lots of energy! Thank you again! Kind regards Arfa Saira Iqbal www.successfulhealthmarketing.com

Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Polycystic Ovaries
WOW WOW WOW!!! I contacted Carol after suffering for 3 and a half years with Ulcerative Colitis.  I also suffer with IBS and Polycystic Ovaries, all in all I felt like a 30 year old disaster.  I have spent months on steroids and years on anti inflammatory medication.  I have been unable to work and am terrified of travelling due to my Colitis.  I have spent most of the last 3 and a half years in a bathroom or worrying about where one is “just in case”.  The rest of my time has been spent in a doctors surgery, a hospital or sat thinking up excuses of why I won’t be able to make the party/meeting/lunch etc.  My energy levels have been none existent and my business has suffered hugely. Carol was so positive and helpful and gave me all the information I needed to start the 7lbs in 7 Days juice programme.  I looked on Juice Master website and also googled the programme and read reviews from so many people that have benefitted from juicing. The book is so motivational and is not rocket science, this is  really basic common sense stuff that deep down I knew already but I have never had the information delivered to me in this way before.
The first few days were hard as I was obviously withdrawing from all of the bad food I had been putting in my body for so many years.  I had a headache on day 2 but drank lots of water and made sure that I kept a firm focus on why I was doing this.
The juices aren’t as you would expect, I had visions of horrid green juice that tasted vile but they are lovely and I didn’t drink all of the juices every day as I didn’t need them. I have been told for so many years by my doctors that the food I eat has NOTHING to do with my disease – which coincidentally is a Inflammatory Bowel Disease so I have to ask…. How can the food I put into my digestive system not affect my angry and ulcerated insides??  I knew eating cake, chocolate and drinking wine was probably not doing me any good but I continued to make the same mistakes and ate what I fancied when I fancied it and then continued to complain about my symptoms. I am just finishing my 7th day on the programme and feel more alive than I have in years, my colitis symptoms are GONEand I am looking forward to being careful about how I treat my body as this is the only one I am going to get :o)
Thank you Carol for all your help and advice and your daily support throughout the programme.  I am now looking forward to Turbo Charge your Life in 14 Days and cannot tell you how happy I am to feel like I am in control of my body again xx Victoria Kenyon Senior Consultant

General Health Hi I think it was you I saw at Baytree Garden Centre yesterday, you made me a lemon zinger and I loved it, I craved more for the rest of the day. I put the Philips juicer on my Christmas list after looking it up on the Argos website then reading Jason Vales website. I couldn’t wait and this afternoon I picked one up at Argos, rushed into Morrissons before it closed and got started, I’ve tried pears, apples, lemons, beetroot, celery, carrots, ginger so far (not all together) and have followed the recipes in the book, I’ll need to start buying apples wholesale I think. Thank you so very much for your demonstration and for your enthusiasm, Melanie.

Arthritis, Psoriasis Before going to see Carol I had severe Arthritis and Psoriasis which was being treated by medication, my body rejected all of them, so I decided to treat myself naturally.  Sitting with Carol and talking through everything to re-affirm things I already knew about food helped.  I started the detox a few days later and within days my joints had started to improve.  Carol phoned me every day to see how I was going for the first week of detox, which helped keep my motivation going.  I lost 8 pounds in that first week, which was a major plus.  After a month of following Carol’s recommendations and juicing more than ever, my joints are amazing and I am not suffering any pain.  My mum has also been juicing with me, as she suffered from arthritis and now she has no pain either.  Juicing is now a major part of our lives and even my father is drinking them too.  The way we look at food has totally changed and our shopping trolley contains more fruit and vegetables than others in the supermarket. Thank you Carol, for your help in returning me to a normal 30 year-old, with no joint pain. Louise Walker

Weight Loss Hello carol, Thought I would let you know that since starting using the juice master programme I have reduced from 14stone 6 lbs March 22nd 2011. I have now acheived my current weight of 14 stone which is just about right for me. ! go to the gym 3 times each week I walk between 5 to 10miles each weekend and feel really great. all my clothes now fit as they should, I think ? Next year I am hoping to take part in the “International Four Day March” in Nijmegen Holland, July 2012 . will keep you posted thanks again for introducing me to this life saver – Follow up! Thanks to Juice Master Diet. Thursday 17th March 15 stone 2 pound – Dinner suit far to tight, can’t do up trousers or jacket Wednesday 23rd march 14 stone 6 pound – total loss 10 pounds. Saturday 26th March went to Banquet and Ball. Dinner suit a comfortable fit. Great success. When I started taking juice I was very sceptical, yeh yeh another method to lose weight ? however I am so glad that I tried it, cos it works I feel well, fit, healthy, full of energy Many thanks Carol you have given me a way forward
Kind regards Brian Sackett

Diabetes At my consultation, you gave me very much of your time and encouraged me to ask questions, you made me a Juice. I ordered a Juicer and Blender which you delivered to me personally along with ingredients for a juice. You phone me regularly throughout my detox week and explained I could always get in touch if I had any difficulty. I have nothing but praise for your professionalism.I detoxed for a week as per the wall planner, keeping to it as much as my life-style would allow. I am a diabetic so only used one apple when the juice called for two – my blood readings were OK. Not once during the week did I feel hungry. I didn’t have a spurt of energy, but OK I am 76. I lost 7lbs in weight which was terrific. Since detoxing, I have not felt the need to “Nosh” and have not fancied or eaten any meat. I have retained my weight loss. Summing up, I am in favour of Juicing, I would recommend it and certainly recommend you!  Pat Price 

Weight Loss “I have had weight problems and suffered for years with aches and pains and took pain killers on a regular basis. Since being introduced to juicing I no longer suffer any pain and have no need to take pills. I am slimmer, healthier, have more energy and feel so alive. Thank you Carol for all you have taught me, your inspiration and motivation. I know I can always count on you when I need support.  If I call and leave a message you always ring me back, so once again I thank you. For anyone reading this and looking for a change in the way they feel about their diet, if  you want to regain your health and fitness and everything that brings with it, I can whole-heartedly recommend including juices as part of your normal diet.” Teresa Ellison
General Health “I was introduced to the world of juice by my Mum about 2 years ago. I totally saw the benefits and it made sense although I always had a reason why I was too busy. I started to juice on and off but remained a smoker and partaking of my favourite tipple. 2009 saw me on my first juice retreat, it was an amazing experience and it proved to me that you don’t get hungry when you juice. I returned home with all good intentions of continuing my new found lifestyle, however, my bad habits slowly crept back in and I was juicing less and less. My 2010 juice retreat was a truly life changing experience, Jason, Kate and Kenny are very special people and thanks to them and my Mum who is an inspiration to me – I made a decision to change my lifestyle. Since returning from the 2010 retreat (April) I have not smoked, I rarely eat meat or drink alcohol. I bought a rebounder and aim to rebound daily, I try to meditate daily and focus on positive thoughts. I will continue on my quest to live a juicier life and am looking forward to my 2011 retreat.”
Sue Traynor