This article was written back in March 2011 in response to an article in the Daily Mail. The article informed us that ” 10,571 patients were admitted to hospital during 2010 because doctors feared they were so fat that their health was in immediate danger.

Obesity is still a growing problem, and will continue to grow until governments start to educate people about natural nutrition.
Natural Juice Therapy is the perfect way to start.

Nutrition: If all Nursery’s were helped to set up a juice bar in their kitchens to provide each child with one glass of juice a day made up of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  If these young children were also taught about how important it was to have this intake of vitamins and minerals etc. If they were allowed to help make them and knew what was going into them and how nice they tasted. Perhaps grow some vegetables for use in the juices. They would be consuming more nutrition in that one drink than they probably get all day from the standard diet eaten today.
Schools, also should have Juice Bars set up in the kitchens and all students provided with 1 juice a day instead of being offered milk, there should also be a choice for students to have smoothies at lunch time instead of the cooked meal offered. This of course should only be made up from fresh raw fruits and vegetables, not concentrates.
Every College and University should be encouraged to have juice bars, some, I believe already have. Again students should be made aware of the importance of what we consume, in respect to our health.
Every Hospital should be supplying Fresh Juices to all their patients, it is a known fact that people heal quicker when given correct nutrition.
To expensive ? What was that old saying – you have to speculate to accumulate – Children fed properly would behave better, as would teenagers, a lot of behavioral problems children have today are food related, they are so full of toxins the poor kids don’t stand a chance to live a healthy purposeful life. Fill them full of natural nutrition and see the difference. This would result in a huge saving on the Police Force as our youth would be better behaved.
When you look at how much the NHS could save it could be huge! People would not need such long spells in hospital healing after op’s – less people would need to be in hospital as they would not be suffering the degenerative diseases, most of which are food related, and there would definitely not be people admitted to hospitals due purely to obesity.
Exercise: More emphasis should be made on children having fun outside, so many restrictions have been placed on groups, clubs etc – children should be encouraged to play outside, I consider myself so lucky to have been born in 1948, I used to walk to school with my brother and sister, we would go down the beach on our own every day we were not at school, as we got older we cycled everywhere, we used to go out in the morning with a sandwich for lunch and didn’t go back home till we were hungry – we had accidents from time to time but it only made us more careful. We had a TV – just one in the front room but it wasn’t on much, in fact we didn’t watch it at all in the Summer, and in Winter children’s TV was only on for 1 hour so after tea we would watch whatever was on, 2 choices of channel it was either BBC or ITV:  We all need to move our bodies, and we don’t actually need to be members of gyms etc to do that, just turn off the TV, PC, X BOX, etc. Buy a ball, a skipping rope, a couple of racquets and a tennis ball – go outside and PLAY!!
Days gone By:
I guess we were considered working class, dad was paid weekly and mum was always waiting for him to come home on a Thursday with his pay pack – This was the night we had a takeaway, the only one available back then was Fish and Chips. Thursday night was also the night we had our bag of sweets, and when they were gone that was it until the following week. We had cornflakes for breakfast in the summer ( No sugar on them then) and porridge in the winter.   Our dinner was meat, potatoes and whatever vegetable was in season at the time, and a home made pudding. Then for tea we would have maybe some bread and Jam or Lemon curd – and a piece of homemade cake if we were lucky.  We never had anything to eat between meals unless there was some fruit available. Mum used to get 2 bottles of pop from the van who used to come around once a week ( between 4 children ) other than that all we drank was water from the tap. Christmas was the only time our house seemed full of goodies, crisps, chocolates, biscuits and a big box of fruit. We were happy, never went hungry, and full of energy.
I can never remember seeing many fat people, certainly not children.
When I had my own children, things had changed somewhat, but I don’t ever remember taking them to a Burger bar for their lunch, dinner or tea. I fed them at home with freshly cooked food. They were outside at every opportunity, none of them had TV’s, computers etc in their rooms, They were all active, slim and healthy.
This next generation don’t actually stand a chance, everywhere you look there are fast food outlets selling burgers ( if you showed the children where the meat comes from and how the animals are treated so they can get their 99p burgers I am sure you would see a downward trend very quickly ) pizzas, chicken, and so on. This type of food, along with all processed food is completely devoid of nutrition therefore is not feeding the cells of the body, this is why people can continue eating it – most overweight people are actually suffering from malnutrition, they are starving, so it is a vicious circle the more they eat the hungrier they are. The hungrier they are, the more they eat, and the more they eat the fatter they get.
There is a solution to Obesity  – EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION. Educate people in Natural Nutrition, Natural Juice Therapy as I said previously is a great way to start – There is one side effect with this therapy. WEIGHT LOSS.
So it all makes perfect sense to me – if you want to be healthy, fit, slim, contact your nearest Natural Juice Therapist. She / He will show you the way.


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