The Price we pay for Health

Having just spent 3 days at a huge BeFit event in London specifically aimed at women, it became very apparent that the fitness and health industry is massive and very, very, expensive!
There were lots of exhibitors extolling the virtue of the “must have” health drink, food, supplements, gym gear and so on all competing for the hard earned pounds in your pocket.
I was on the “Juico” stand in my role as a Natural Juice Therapist advising people of the health benefits that can be gained from juicing your own raw fruits and vegetables not to mention the huge savings possible from not buying into the man made products so widely touted today.
Everything the human body needs to stay healthy, with enough energy to work and play is all provided by the food we consume, if we choose lifeless, nutrition poor, pre-packed, processed foods we will be unable to function properly. On the other hand if we feed our cells with living fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables full of life giving nutrients we will feel alive with huge amounts of energy to keep going and remain healthy well into old age.
Juicing is the answer to provide us with plenty of life giving nutrients in the easiest way possible – it is natures “fast food” so next time you put your hand in your pocket to purchase those very expensive “must have” healthy options remember you can have it all by just choosing to invest in a good quality juicer and juice your way to a long, vibrant, healthy life using the best organic produce available which you will now be able to afford.
The Juico Uno, for me, is by far the very best vertical masticating juicer I have used, it is a delightful little workhorse and with its auger attached to the sieve is so much easier to clean. 4th May 2015

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