Essential Oil Introductory Classes and workshops.

These Introductory classes are free and last for one hour. Hosted by a group of women who all have their own amazing skills and a expanse of knowledge in all things healthy to share.

Following each Introductory class there will be a “hands on” 1hr  workshop focusing on one subject. There will be a charge of £10 for these workshops and if you want to make, and take home a product there will be an extra charge for ingredients and container this will be costed at wholesale price.

A small sample of the classes we can offer:-

Living with MS

Moods & Emotions

Stress & Sleep

Weight Loss

Pain & Inflammation

Healthy Hormones

Cooking with Essential Oils

Juicing with Essential Oils

Green Cleaning

Non-toxic Body Care

General Health

Child Health

Pet Health

If you are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals you and your family are subject to on a daily basis, these workshops are for you. You will learn how easy it is to reduce the amount of toxins you ingest, put on your bodies and use when cleaning your home. You will get the opportunity to make, unique to you, completely toxic free perfumes, deodorants, moisturising cream, house cleaners, foam soaps, roller balls and so much more!
Thursday 30th November  10am Intro Class & “Green Cleaning” workshop
Venue: Newington:

Saturday 9th December 10am Intro Class & “Body Products” workshop Venue: Woodnesborough:

Friday 15th December 10am Intro Class & “Last minute Christmas Gift”  workshop
Venue: Woodnesborough

Saturday 6th January 2018 10am Intro Class & “Detox & Weight Loss”  workshop
Venue: Woodnesborough

Tuesday 9th January   10am Intro Class & “Cooking with Essential Oils” workshop
Venue: Newington

Tuesday 11th January 11:30am Intro Class & “Stress & Healthy Hormones ” workshop
Venue: Canterbury

Tuesday 16th January 10am Intro Class & “Mood and Emotions” workshop
Venue: Newington


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