What is the Digestive System?

The digestive system is a group of organs working together to convert food into energy and supply the body with the nutrients to maintain health and wellbeing. It begins in the mouth and ends at the anus. 

During embryonic development, the same group of cells develop into the bowel and the nervous system almost simultaneously;  this gives the two areas of the body a symbiotic and close relationship; tension within one system can be expressed as a symptom in the other – this sympathetic relationship can work both ways with toxins in the bowel causing depression and irritability in the nervous system, or nervousness and depression causing the irritable bowel symptoms.

How does is it work?

There are many “named” diseases associated with the digestive system Constipation, Colitis, Crohn’s, Diverticulitis and IBS to name but a few. There are some differences in symptoms, for instance, with colitis you have inflammation of the colon, (which can include ulcers) whereas in IBS there is no inflammation. However, what is common to all is pain at varying degrees. Personally, I am of the opinion that it doesn’t matter what name is given to a disease – At the end of the day it’s a dis-ease of the body and in this case related to the Digestive System. 

If we think about the digestive system as our body’s sewage system, it makes more sense explaining why lots of us suffer, some so disabling our life is put on hold. We should be evacuating waste from the system on a regular basis, ideally after each meal but definitely once a day. Don’t be taken in by “if your usual pattern is once a week that’s fine – it isn’t! 

Sewage System: Most of you will be on main drainage so your waste water from sinks, baths toilets etc just flows away to the nearest treatment plant where it is cleaned and recycled without you even thinking about it. We have a Cesspit at home as we have no main drainage. If it wasn’t emptied on a regular basis we would start to attract all kinds of toxic waste and rats……… We have come a long way since the Bubonic Plague which killed 1/4 of the population of London in 18 months. But it is worth thinking about when looking at our own innate, sewage system! 

Your colon, (just like the drains that carry the waste away from your home) is a natural breeding ground for bacteria, both good and bad, the good guys help neutralise and dissipate waste preventing a toxic build up from developing. It isn’t only food that accumulates in the colon, there will be millions of dead cells and tissues which have been replaced. If not emptied on a regular basis fermentation and putrefaction will occur disrupting gut stability, which in turn leads to gut health problems.

When receiving a diagnosis relating to problems of the digestive system, you will hopefully have been advised about a change of diet, however there will also be a list of over the counter and prescription medications, available which will appeal to many time poor, men and women who need a “quick fix”. Whilst taking this route gets you back to work, running the house, doing the shopping, picking the kids up from school etc. It will not solve the problem long term.

There are many possible causes when we find ourselves being affected by digestive problems. Excess carbohydrates and sugars, which have been shown to promote the growth of yeast and bacteria. Eating to much red meat, white bread, dairy, processed foods, fibre-deficient and overcooked food, alcohol, tea, coffee, medications, (check the list of side effects) laxatives, smoking, environmental factors, stress, can all play a part.

If we look back at the Pioneers like Dr Norman W Walker, Dr Bernard Jensen and John Heinemann they will all confirm that diet plays a major role in the condition of the digestive system. Phillip Day who heads up the publishing and research organisation “Credence” sums it up beautifully with a simple sentence from his book A B C of disease when he states “ it is yet another physical manifestation of humans trying to put diesel into a gasoline-driven automobile”

So how can we help ourselves?

We simply need to look at changing to a lifestyle that is supporting your body instead of destroying it. 

Change to a diet high in natural fibre. The easiest way to do this initially is to juice fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, with the aim of flooding the system with nutrients. This can be extremely effective during acute episodes, as well as complete rest until the symptoms ease.

Cabbage juice has been found to be particularly healing for the surfaces of the intestines and this is best blended with other juices to buffer its effects as it can be a little strong on its own.  

The high fibre content in spinach makes it a remarkable intestinal tract scrubber.  It cleans out the system by removing the accumulated wastes in the digestive tracts by its mildly laxative effect. More importantly, it also repairs, heals and nourishes the tracts and tones up their functions.  Also excellent for constipation, colitis, poor digestion or stomach ulcers.

Eat a diet high in fibre, live, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible, the governments recommended five-a-day is is not nearly enough.

Drink 2 litres of mineral water each day to help flush out impurities. Introduce some pink himalayan salt which will attract water into the gastro-intestinal tract and re-hydrate faeces.

Rest, relaxation and counselling can help reduce any psychological factors.  

Colonic Hydrotherapy will also help in cleansing the colon.

Bananas, are easily digested and by the time the waste matter enters the colon, it has collected a mucosal load which helps to soothe and calm the irritated bowel wall.  

Bananas are highly nutritious and especially useful when the appetite is affected by the condition.

Probiotics have been used as an ulcerative colitis natural treatment.  They are considered safe with no significant side effects.  Probiotics introduce “good” bacteria into the intestines which help control the potentially “bad” bacteria. This improves the health of the lining of the bowel and helps to reduce inflammation. (Make sure you get a trusted supplier)

Essential Oils and herbs have been used for thousands of years in treating minor illness, disease, flavouring foods, perfumes etc. There is an ongoing interest in a plant based diet so adding essential oils to the mix makes perfect sense. The suggestions I make here for the oils, which can be taken internally, are for a specific brand only, like anything else a trusted supplier is key.  Ginger, Fennel, and Coriander may help ease occasional stomach discomfort, including motion sickness and indigestion, while Peppermint, Tarragon, Anise, and Caraway may aid with digestion and help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. If using herbs my suggestion is to buy organic to get the full nutritional benefit possible.

If you are reading this and feeling as if it’s a mountain you couldn’t imagine climbing, and besides you have no desire to give up the foods you enjoy eating. I can promise you, taking tiny steps towards a lifetime change will pay dividends for you and your families overall health and wellbeing.

We have known for many years that diet plays such an important role in our health and wellbeing. During my research a few years ago I came across this little gem – Most of the information around the subject comes from the USA but here we have a prominent English Surgeon who wasn’t afraid to voice the truth – We are what we Eat!

Sir William Arbuthnot Lane a prominent english surgeon who lived from 1856 until at 87 years old when he was run over during the second world war in London1943, believed that all chronic disease stemmed from chronic intestinal stasis. De-registered by the General Medical Council early 1920’s because he advocated diet as a prevention of cancer. 

Addressing the John Hopkins Hospital and Medical College he said;

“Gentlemen, I will never die of cancer. I am taking measures to prevent it… It is caused by poisons created in our bodies by the food we eat… What we should do, then, if we would avoid cancer, is to eat raw fruits and vegetables; first, that we may be better nourished; secondly, that we may more easily eliminate waste products… We have been studying germs when we should have been studying diet and drainage.. The world has been on the wrong track. The answer has been within ourselves all the time…. Drain the body of its poisons, feed it properly, and the miracle is done. 

Nobody need have cancer who will take the trouble to avoid it.”

Carol Brace  Natural Juice Therapist

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Updated 10-08-2019


Obesity does not happen overnight. It develops gradually over time, generally due to poor diet and lifestyle choices. For some people it may be due to medications and hormonal problems but these instances are very few compared to the the main cause of this ever growing problem.

Obesity, according to the Oxford dictionary is the condition of being “grossly fat or overweight”. A major factor in heart disease, diabetes and premature death today – being obese can decrease your life expectancy by 10 years.

In 2004 the House of Commons Health Committee published a 146 page document on Obesity, so why isn’t the message being heard.

All the systems that have been put into place trying to educate people into eating better have proved ineffective against the tidal wave of drug like foods and drinks that continually pack the shelves of our supermarkets.

Obesity and Diabetes costs the British taxpayer more than the police, prisons and the fire service combined. The UK-wide NHS costs attributable to overweight and obesity are projected to reach £9.7 billion by 2050, with wider costs to society estimated to reach £49.9 billion per year.

Obesity is one of the easiest major health problems to resolve and it all begins with education, on adopting a lifestyle that promotes health & wellbeing.

Highly Recommended:

Ditch the diets – No matter what “new diet” comes out it is a “diet” which, by definition is a “special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons”.) Yes, you lose weight, but how many people who lose weight by “dieting” will regain it in 1-5 years.

Change your Lifestyle – We need instead to look at changing our lifestyle. A lifestyle choice where you choose how to live and behave, according to your attitudes, tastes, and values. Unlike a diet it is not a programme that you commit to for 7, 14, or 21 days and return to your old habits. it’s a commitment for life and once you are on the journey you will never look back!

Turn off the TV, Laptop, etc. Read a motivational book instead like “Slim for Life” by Jason Vale, it’s an oldie but will set you on a journey that will free you from the diet trap forever!

Drink more water daily, a lot of times when you think you are hungry you are mistaking the body’s cries for water. Add a slice of lemon or a drop of Smart & Sassy essential oils you find water hard to drink.

Eat or juice a wide variety of raw fruits and vegetables every day.

A positive mental attitude – To be successful with permanent weight loss you have to combine excellent nutrition, exercise and positivity – without any one of these components you will not achieve long lasting success.

Cut Back on  All processed foods, red meat and meat products, refined sugars, dairy products, carbonated high sugared drinks, alcohol.

Juicy Suggestions:  A juice programme is particularly effective for weight control, and can kick start your healthy lifestyle – The programme I began with and recommend is 7lbs in 7 days the Juicemaster Diet, devised by Jason Vale, unfortunately called a diet, but trust me it is far more than that.

Also recommended for good healthy recipes to try after the 7day juice programme is Super Fast Food by Jason, there are some amazing recipes in there to nourish you.

Exercise: The best exercise for you is the one you will most enjoy and do on a regular basis, that may be a walk in the woods, along the seashore, swimming, cycling or just dancing along to your favourite songs – do it with passion, move your body and most importantly enjoy it.

Positivity: Once you learn to control your thoughts, you can build a positive attitude that fosters peace of mind, confidence, happiness, and self-awareness. Essential oils can help, they are volatile compounds that naturally occur in plants, and when used topically, aromatically or internally can benefit the body powerfully. When used aromatically, the plants aromatic compounds interact with the olfactory and limbic systems to effect chemical changes in the body. Used topically and internally, they interact directly with cells, organs and body systems for health benefits.

Beware: If you are on medication for any ailments please do not stop taking it without first checking with your GP – also check for any contraindications there may be between your prescribed medication and recommended foods. Do not ingest essential oils without the guidance of a doTERRA wellness advocate or qualified Aromatherapist.


Vulvodynia or Vestibulodynia



What Is It:
Vulvodynia (or Vestibulodynia) is the name given to women who are experiencing intermittent or ongoing discomfort, chronic pain, burning sensation, in and around the the vulva. It may also be felt in different areas around the genital areas well as the top of legs and inner thighs. This can, for some women, be very traumatic, as it affects so many areas of everyday life. If not constant, it can be triggered by touch, sitting at a desk, cycling, horse-riding, during intercourse, or inserting

Possible Causes:
Vulvodynia is one of the many health problems which doesn’t appear to have a known cause, although it is thought, could be related to the nerve endings in the skin of the vulva sending abnormal signals to the brain. It is thought not to be contagious or hereditary.

Cut Back On:
An acidic body is an unhealthy body, so acid-producing foods should be drastically cut back or taken out of the diet. Foods such as meats, grains, cereals, proteins and all other animal products like dairy products, are acid-waste-forming and will not be helping the body’s immune system fight the problem. Also avoid, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.

Highly Recommended:
Avoid using commercial soaps, gels, etc to clean the vaginal area, it is self cleaning! If you find this challenging then change your brand to a homemade version using pure coconut oil, non perfumed raw soap and, if desired, pure, therapeutic brand essential oils. Swap those packets of “special” wipes for a cotton flannel and water to clean around top of legs and exterior vaginal area. Try to avoid tight clothing like jeans, leggings etc. Don’t wear panties/pyjamas to bed – let your skin breath.

My personal view is that women should not wear tampons, especially those who are suffering from problems such as Vulvodynia. Whilst many women do use them without any problems, for those that do
experience side effects it can be very traumatic. Our menstrual flow is meant to do just that “flow” not be locked in for hours by an absorbent toxic “bullet”.

*There was a time when Indian tribes believed in a woman’s capacity for other worldly powers stemmed from her ability to bleed, oftentimes profusely, without dropping dead. Perhaps most fascinating of all, is that many tribes believed women were more powerful, spiritually, during their periods – and that they even had special intuitive powers. Some Native American tribe members would call upon menstruating women for their advice, insight, guidance, or to connect them to higher powers.

Menstrual huts were also big amongst the Native American tribes. During the heaviest four days of their period, wives would leave their homes and go to this separate menstrual lodge to commune with other women. Since women tend to mense together, these lodges were often quite full and the women inside were encouraged to engage in some serious “girl time” by discussing female issues and indulging in creative pursuits like storytelling and arts and crafts.

Plus, when a girl would hit puberty in a Native American tribe, it was nothing like the shame and secrecy we experience today. Native American puberty rituals were big celebratory events for a village. Early European settlers noted that the Cheyenne and Apache tribes were particularly open about menstruation – often announcing a girl’s first period to the entire village with pride. Imagine if your dad broadcast your first period all over Facebook. How different we are!* (1)

Reducing stress can be advantageous to those suffering many of today’s health problems, easy to say but in many cases, not so easy to do especially when lots of women are in jobs they are not happy in, struggling to cope with money problems, living with uncaring partners or a difficult family, and on top of all that, trying to deal with a list of health problems. So where do you start?

Sleep plays a huge role in your physical health. It is whilst we sleep that a good deal of healing takes place. Sleep deficiency, however, is linked to an increased risk of many health conditions.

Talk Therapy. Have you ever had the feeling of being completely de-stressed after meeting up with a girlfriend and spending time just talking, laughing, hugging. You need to make time to get off that unrelenting “hampster wheel” and make some space just to have a bit of “me time” and fun with other women, trust me in this, it works!

Physical Activity. Many young women today feel the need to join a gym and carry out very strenuous activity in their goal to obtain that “perfect” body and what they have been led to believe, a healthy body. How many times have you heard of someone, young, super fit, thought to be extremely healthy suffering a heart attack or even death when they were in their prime. (1)

When you drive yourself to fit this “gym” time into an already manic day you could be building up problems for the body. Females were not built for this kind of crazy activity. You will get more healing benefits from incorporating daily, physical activity by taking a brisk walk in nature, along the beach, in a park just smelling the roses, and so much nicer than a sweaty gym!

Meditation. Start to practice meditation, you can begin with just 10 minutes each day, find a time during the day when you can sit quietly, maybe during lunch break. As much as I don’t want to encourage the use of modern technology you can get meditation apps to get you started if it is new to you. Or just find somewhere “green” and relax, read an inspiring book or listen to some soothing music – it works!

Essential Oils. Introducing essential oils into your life can help in so many ways. If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, or a lavender bush, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and their beautiful fragrance, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.

Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired benefit.

Diet. This is the name given to what we eat on a regular basis, there are many different labels for particular diets you may call yourself  vegetarian, vegan, raw, pescetarian, fruitarian, we could go on, but at the end of the day what we eat provides us with the nutrition we need in order to survive, without nutritious food we would eventually die so we all need to be mindful about what we are putting in our mouths.

What exactly is nutrition? According to the Oxford dictionary it is “The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth”

Nutrition feeds us on a cellular level and therefore aids health and growth, but in order to do this it must contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, protein etc. All of these compounds acting in concert, performing hundreds of roles throughout the body, help build our bones, heal wounds, and bolster our immune system, which is our bodies defence against infectious organisms and other invaders. These compounds also convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage.

Let us just look at an apple, there are so many vitamins, minerals, micronutrients etc it would take a few pages to list (2) You can google lots of different sites for nutrition facts, which, I believe are all flawed in some way. Like humans, every apple will be different depending on where they are grown, the weather, the soil, when they are picked and so on. What we all instinctively know is an apple is good for us it contains what is necessary to help keep our body healthy, as do all fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately as the world progressed Man decided he could improve on nature and came up with an array of highly processed foods loaded with sugar and untold “mad-made” chemicals, that have no benefits to the human body. This has led to the massive problem we have today with a growing population of sick, lethargic, stressed, over-fed but undernourished people, all looking for the magic bullet when the solution has been here for us from the beginning of time.

If you can’t eat it – juice it!

Juicing: Why Juice? It is very obvious that the vast majority of people in the UK do not eat enough fruits and vegetables regardless of the amount of information presented. People are more likely to get the raw nutrients required for good health if they have it in juice form. Juicing is a way of getting in many fruits and vegetables in one easy hit.

Introducing juicing into our diet on a regular basis provides our bodies with everything it needs to keep it running for a lifetime. It is natures very own ‘fast food’.

If your diet is devoid of fresh, raw produce and consists of nothing, but cooked, processed, refined foods, packed with colours, additives and chemicals you will be toxic and deficient. Despite eating constantly, you will feel hungry, because on a cellular level you could be genuinely starving.

It is time to start eating real food, you will notice a change almost straight away as those much needed nutrients are recognised and distributed into the blood stream to feed us on a cellular level. Your body will thank you in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine, so what are you waiting for……………….. Your health is in your hands, start your journey back to vibrant health today!

IGNORANCE IS BLISS (if one is unaware of an unpleasant fact or situation one cannot be troubled by it.)



I lived the first 58 years of my life in IGNORANT BLISS. Growing up, I honestly cannot remember the first time I really watched the news or read a newspaper. As children this was never encouraged, besides we were always in bed when the main news of the day aired. Thinking about it now I guess being shielded from the unpleasant facts was the first step towards the conditioning that was to eventually, control me as an adult.

I was born the same year as the NHS so of course have not known life without it, but my parents and grandparents did. When struggling to earn enough to keep the big families they had back then, it would have been almost impossible to pay for a doctor when anyone got sick, so they depended on what nature provided to help with the common diseases. They also knew how to build up immunity to problems such as measles, mumps, chicken pox etc. (those parties continued for a while before slowly dying out)

Mothers must have been so relieved to be able to get help from the doctor as and when they needed it. It took away the huge responsibility of caring for a sick child alone, as she no longer had to worry she may be doing the wrong thing. A trip to the doctor was all that was needed for a diagnosis, and a bottle of medicine to cure whatever ailed the patient.

As a child, I was always busy, weekends and holidays were filled with exciting adventures, I would be outside with friends making our own entertainment. I lived near the sea so we learnt to swim at a young age, we climbed, played “rounders” on the green, we investigated caves – Life was bliss! The thought of drowning, falling, getting caught in a cave never occurred to us, we had freedom without fear. We would strap on our roller skates, get out the scooter, or, when we were lucky enough to get a bike off we would go. We would be out all day without thought of danger, only going home when we were hungry. The weather didn’t bother us we played in sun, wind, rain, and snow Life was bliss!

We didn’t know what a rapist was, never feared being taken away or set upon by other kids with guns, knives or bottles of acid. We would talk to anyone and make new friends, we were children enjoying life whilst learning how to communicate, plan, solve problems, deal with challenges, and so many more skills that we would eventually need as adults. Life was bliss! Generally, mothers then, would be working at home, or in the gardens, out talking to neighbours, or walking to the local shops, wherever we were if we were in trouble there would be someone else’s mother who would come to our aid. Sadly our children today no longer learn these invaluable skills to prepare them for the move into adulthood.

Moving forward: I left school at 15 and soon started work as a clerical assistant for around £4 a week. I rode 3 miles to work every day on my bike, listening to the “Beatles, Supremes, Elvis, blaring out of my pink “Dansette” radio which was always hanging from the handlebar (my radio came with me everywhere) and then home again Life was bliss!

Although I was now working, life was still very much controlled by my parents. A 9pm curfew was set and this remained (although broken a few times when I started going out with the man I would eventually marry a week after my 18th birthday) until I left home to start a family of my own. I spent the next 16 years looking after my husband and 3 amazing children. We actually had a choice then, which young mothers, sadly don’t have today. The next 26 years until retirement I decided to go to work myself, my previous clerical experience got me a number of jobs where I worked mainly in men based company’s. I was 40 when I decided I needed to find somewhere who employed women (now that was a shock!) I stayed at my job in Canterbury Hospital until I retired.

As we get older sadly things change, our parents get older and we have to prepare for the inevitable. Watching my mother deteriorate from a very independent women to the frail, confused, little old lady she became, due to, what I consider, the worst possible dis-ease of the body called Alzheimers.

It made me realise, if I was to escape, what most of us believe is the normal cycle of life, “degenerative disease” I had to start now! I was 58 when I read a book that would turn my life upside down! that book was called 7lbs in 7 days by Jason Vale. The following 2 years were spent reading, researching, studying, until finally in March 2008 I qualified as the first Independent Natural Juice Therapist In July of that year. This was my first ever qualification and for me an amazing achievement. I retired in July 2008 and so began my journey into the amazing world of Health and Wellbeing. Life is bliss!

What I have learnt during my life so far is, The realisation that the decisions I had made during my adult life were not actually of my own choosing but influenced by others beginning with my parents, teachers (what an important job they have) siblings, friends, husband, doctor, dentist etc – they have all had an influence in winning my unfailing trust that their way was the best way.

My passion to learn continued to grow, and with it the desire that everyone needed to know about my discoveries, women especially needed to know they had a right to freedom of choice. We all have a right to that. The problem was you cannot possibly have the freedom of choice if you don’t know what the choices are. So right or wrong I felt everyone needed to be educated on the subject, and began with the alternatives available to maintain health and wellbeing. After all we can only make our informed choices if we know what alternatives are available. Of course everything I have written, every workshop I have done has all been about my TRUTH, what I had come to believe. It was never about telling anyone they had to do it my way, my aim was that they take on what made sense and follow through with their own research which would lead them to their own TRUTH.

I have learnt to listen to my body, reconnect with “me” I am still a wife, mother and a grandmother but I am also enjoying being “me” the girl who got lost along the way. I make my own decisions about my health and wellbeing, and above all else I live in a body that I know, if treated right, can take me from birth to death – disease free, this is how I was designed, I was never designed to get sick. If it fails then I only have myself to blame I know exactly what fuel my body works best on.

I also discovered that It doesn’t make any difference what name we attach to what disease.

“Alzheimer’s” isn’t a disease, (nor is any other) it is the name of the Dr who, in 1906 noticed changes in the brain tissue of a woman who had died of an unusual mental illness. Her symptoms included memory loss, language problems, and unpredictable behaviour.

If we look at the body holistically, with the brain as the control centre, sending messages throughout the entire body. It is easier to think about dis-ease of the body rather than a specific named disease. It makes total sense to me that treating the body holistically rather than fragmentally is the way to go. Of the many systems making up the body We have a truly amazing immune system which protects the body from harmful influences from the environment and is essential for survival.

The immune system is made up from different organs, cells, proteins, and aside from the nervous system, is the most complex system that the human body has. As long as our body’s immune system is running smoothly, different groups of cells are able to work together and form alliances against just about any pathogen (a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease.) So the immune system has to be compromised for dis-ease to take hold.

To end then, I believe too much emphasis is placed on finding a solution to the “dis-ease” when in fact what we should be looking for is the “CAUSE” – if you find the cause (a compromised immune system?) the disease can be eradicated.

As I move toward my 70th birthday in July 2018 I can happily confirm my Life is continuing on its blissful path! I still don’t watch the news, nor do I read newspapers. Obviously I am aware of what is going on in the world, with social media there is no escape, but what i consume with my eyes, ears and mouth are of my choosing and my choosing alone!

The clip below is Jason’s Goldfish Bowl if you haven’t seen it already its worth a watch.

Essential Oil Introductory Classes and workshops.

These Introductory classes are free and last for one hour. Hosted by a group of women who all have their own amazing skills and a expanse of knowledge in all things healthy to share.

Following each Introductory class there will be a “hands on” 1hr  workshop focusing on one subject. There will be a charge of £10 for these workshops and if you want to make, and take home a product there will be an extra charge for ingredients and container this will be costed at wholesale price.

A small sample of the classes we can offer:-

Living with MS

Moods & Emotions

Stress & Sleep

Weight Loss

Pain & Inflammation

Healthy Hormones

Cooking with Essential Oils

Juicing with Essential Oils

Green Cleaning

Non-toxic Body Care

General Health

Child Health

Pet Health

If you are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals you and your family are subject to on a daily basis, these workshops are for you. You will learn how easy it is to reduce the amount of toxins you ingest, put on your bodies and use when cleaning your home. You will get the opportunity to make, unique to you, completely toxic free perfumes, deodorants, moisturising cream, house cleaners, foam soaps, roller balls and so much more!
Thursday 30th November  10am Intro Class & “Green Cleaning” workshop
Venue: Newington:

Saturday 9th December 10am Intro Class & “Body Products” workshop Venue: Woodnesborough:

Friday 15th December 10am Intro Class & “Last minute Christmas Gift”  workshop
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Saturday 6th January 2018 10am Intro Class & “Detox & Weight Loss”  workshop
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Tuesday 9th January   10am Intro Class & “Cooking with Essential Oils” workshop
Venue: Newington

Tuesday 11th January 11:30am Intro Class & “Stress & Healthy Hormones ” workshop
Venue: Canterbury

Tuesday 16th January 10am Intro Class & “Mood and Emotions” workshop
Venue: Newington


Leonora’s Mission – Out Now

As the years pass by, the more amazed I am that what I have learned over the years, (and continue to learn about the huge part nutrition plays in our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally) hasn’t become main stream for everyone. Our children spend the most formative years at schools so why are we not teaching them these simple basics, it would only take a few generations to get this amazing world back on an even keel.

There have been many books written by amazing pioneers who have discovered the “long lost” secrets to living a long healthy life with the help of plant foods. These people spend their whole lives educating, changing lives, making a huge difference to you and me. It takes just one book to kick start the thirst for more knowledge. As many of you are aware, for me the book was 7 lbs in 7 days by Jason Vale but it didn’t stop there, over a 100 books and 11 years later I am still studying and learning about the value of using plant foods in my life to stay healthy.

They say there is a book in everyone, so with the ongoing encouragement from family and friends I finally decided to put pen to paper, however, there are so many books written for adults on the very wide subject of health and wellbeing I decided to write something for children.

Available to buy now, this is the first book in a series which is aimed at teaching children the importance of eating plant foods, the benefits they will gain from learning about where, and how plant foods are grown and most importantly how they will take care of their bodies physically and mentally from the inside out.



Cost £6.99 plus £1 postage

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away



Kentish apples are abundant at this time of year, if you are lucky enough to have a couple of trees in your garden you will no doubt be juicing, eating and enjoying all the benefits these amazing fruits are giving you.

If you don’t have at least one tree, I can highly recommend popping along to your local farm shop and buying a tree to plant. It won’t be long before you are rewarded with your stock of homegrown apples. Being able to go into the garden and eat an apple straight from the tree is just bliss.

My freezer is being filled daily with ginger shots, juices, smoothies so I don’t waste a single apple, picked as they become ripe and nutritious, making me feel good on every level.

I grew up with the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” It was only when I started juicing, 11 years ago that I began to understand the importance of having an apple every day. In fact I probably have more like 6 or 7 at this time of the year in my morning juice and the ones I eat.

Apples are high in pectin which moves through the gut collecting all those pesky toxins on the way, and finally eliminating them from the body, so brilliant for your digestive system.

Apples with red skin are thought to be the best due to the anthocyanins which are partly responsible for the colour, and also make the apple a must, to help prevent so many of the diseases we are suffering with today. There have been many studies carried out on apples confirming they are good for a number of ailments, like Alzheimers, Cancer, Diabetes, Brain and Heart health, the list goes on. I would like to bet if they studied every ailment known to man the apple would be in there somewhere looking after us.

It is also known that apples are High in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, a good source of Phosphorus, magnesium, Calcium, and also contain Malic Acid, Ellagic Acid, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) B2 (Riboflavin) B3 (Niacin) B6 (Pyridoxine) Iron, Sodium, Copper, with traces of Vitamin K, E, Folate, Zinc, Pantothenic Acid, Quercetin. However these vitamins and minerals are only the ones that scientists have discovered, there are many more secrets waiting to be found within these beautiful fruits.

Truth is, we don’t really need studies or scientists to tell us what is in an apple and how it could benefit us, we already instinctively know, whole fresh fruits are good for us.

Unfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to be convinced that this is not the case, one of the reasons being that the natural sugars will ruin our teeth. Now that is another subject altogether where we have been totally misinformed, but that is for another day!

Just eat your apple, try doing it mindfully, appreciating every bite – they are delicious!

Thursday 25th March 2010

I can’t believe it was 6 years ago today that I travelled up to Juicy HQ and met two of the nicest people on the planet. Kate Beswick and Jason Vale. I left, grinning like a cheshire cat a few hours later as a fully qualified Natural Juice Therapist. The first to qualify after completing the Juice Master’s Natural Juice Therapy Course.
I had read a book by Jason 2 years earlier, 7lb in 7days – I bought a juicer followed the plan and boom! My life changed completely in that 7 days. I had to learn more, I went to see Jason at a seminar in London with my daughters, there was a stand by the door launching the course. Encouraged by my daughters I talked to Enid who was manning the stand and brought away an application form. My very supportive husband encouraged me to send off the application.
I was accepted. It was a long hard struggle to get my head around those first two modules, Biology and Anatomy and Physiology, especially since I had not studied at all since leaving school in 1962. Even at school I don’t think we were ever really challenged. As a female it was still expected that we would get married, become a good wife and mother and take care of things at home while the husband went out to work.
Looking back I realise what an idyllic life it was back then compared to the life of women today, who have taken on so much. Today’s women live life running on adrenalin trying to be everything to everyone whilst still expected to be the good wife, mother and home-maker.
I am glad I was born in 1948, having had the best of both worlds. A stay-at-home mum looking after my 3 amazing children whilst my husband worked to provide everything we needed.
I have had an amazing 6 years building my business, during which time I had the opportunity to manage the NJT Course where I made some amazing lifelong friends. I have been fortunate to have helped at every Academy and even spent a week at Juicy “O” in Portugal doing consultations, I was given the opportunity to write the A-Z’s of Ailments, Vitamins and Minerals for the JM website, which is something I continue to build, my thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.
Another favourite part of my work are the face to face consultations I cannot describe how mind-blowing it is knowing I have had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many people, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.
If you are thinking of studying Natural Juice Therapy, or have already started you are on an incredible journey I hope you get as much out of it as I do.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system.

A substance called myelin ( a lipoprotein) protects the nerve fibres in the central nervous system, which helps messages travel between the brain and the rest of the body. In MS the myelin sheath is damaged causing a dysfunction of the nervous system.

According to the UK’s MS Society there are approximately 107,000 people with MS in the UK, with 5,000 people being newly diagnosed with the condition each year.

This means around one in every 600 people in the UK has MS. Each day, approximately 14 people are diagnosed with MS

MS is a very complex condition and can show many different symptoms such as fatigue, balance, vision, bladder problems. It can affect your memory, emotions and sexual function to name just a few.

The cause is unknown and there is no known cure. Once diagnosed you can expect to have MS for life, although treatments are available to help you to manage the condition and its symptoms.

However, there is a growing resurgence of natural healing including the use of whole, raw, live, food as therapy. Hippocrates, born 460BC, known as the father of medicine, famously said “Let food be thy medicine, medicine thy food”

A more common phrase today “you are what you eat” reached the UK during the 1920s and 30s, Victor Lindlahr, a nutritionist with a strong belief that food controls health published in 1942 You Are What You Eat: how to win and keep health with diet.

If you are suffering this debilitating disease, It makes sense to ensure you do everything possible to help the body produce and preserve the essential myelin we need to protect the nerve fibres of the central nervous system as well as helping our immune system work as efficiently as it can.

CALCIUM: A deficiency of this mineral may be a factor in multiple sclerosis. However, be aware that over supplementation of calcium (more than 996 mg daily) may increase the risk of hip fractures so best obtained from foods.

Calcium supplements may also interact with some drugs (tetracycline antibiotics) if you take too much you may impair the body’s natural ability to absorb zinc, iron and magnesium, with very high doses leading to kidney stones. Another reason to obtain our calcium from the foods we consume.

Natural sources of calcium are almonds, apples, apricots, asparagus, avocado, bananas, beetroot, blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, cabbage, canteloupe, carrots, celery, cherry, courgette, cranberry, fennel, figs, garlic, ginger, grape, grapefruit, green beans, kale, lemon, lime, mango, mint, mushrooms, nectarine, onions, orange, papaya, parsnip, peach, peas, pineapple, raisins, raspberry, sesame seeds, strawberries, spinach, squash, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, walnuts watercress, watermelon, wheatgrass and the wolf berry.
Herbs containing calcium include, alfalfa, burdock root, cayenne, chamomile, fennel seeds, flaxseed, kelp, lemongrass, parsley, peppermint, and shepherds purse.

COPPER: Also thought to play a role in maintaining the myelin sheath.

Natural sources are almonds, apple, artichokes, asparagus, avocados, cashews, bananas, beetroot, bell peppers, broccoli carrots, crimini mushrooms, nuts, garlic, ginger, green beans and leafy vegetables, kale, kiwi, lentils, orange, peas, pecans, prunes, pumpkin, radish, raisin, sesame, sunflower seeds, spinach, squash, strawberry, sweet potato, swiss chard, tomato, walnuts,

IODINE: Helps to ensure proper thyroid function. Thyroid hormones help develop the nervous system by aiding the formulation of the myelin sheath of certain nerves in the central nervous system.

Natural sources are sea vegetables such as kelp, strawberries, onions, asparagus, dulse, garlic, mushrooms, sesame seeds, spinach, spirulina, squash, swiss chard, turnip greens.

VITAMIN D: Researchers are working on studies to determine whether taking vitamin D supplements could be successful as a reliable therapy for people with MS.

According to reports from the Linus Pauling Institute deficiencies of vitamin B12, B5 and B9 (which are known to play a role in the formation and maintenance of a functional myelin sheath) can lead to a breakdown of the myelin sheath.

VITAMIN B5 (pantothenic acid) found by consuming whole grains and eggs; VITAMIN B9 (folate) found in avocados and watermelon. With meats, dairy products or fortified cereals as sources of VITAMIN B12 (cobalamin).

Natural sources of B5 also include alfalfa sprouts, apple, avocado, blackcurrants, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chestnuts, cucumber, green beans, gooseberries, grapefruit, guava, lentils, mushrooms, orange, parsnip, peas, pomegranate, pumpkin, raspberries, sunflower seeds, tomato, spinach, spirulina, squash, strawberries, sweet potato, swiss chard, watercress and watermelon.

Natural sources of B9 can be found in apple, apricots, asparagus, avocados, beetroot, bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, cashew nuts, cauliflower, celery, green leafy vegetables, kale, lentils, lettuce, melon, mushrooms, orange, pumpkins, spinach, split peas, sprouts, sesame seeds, squash, strawberry, spirulina and walnuts.

Natural sources of B12 is generally believed only to be found in meat and dairy products. However, it is thought by many to be found in sea vegetables, spirulina and wheatgrass. It can also be found in the herbs, alfalfa, bladderwrack and hops.

Interestingly, it appears that all three vitamins can be found in avocado and spirulina.

VITAMIN B3 (niacin) is vital to a healthy nervous system.
Natural Sources of B3 include, almonds, apple, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, egg plant, green beans, guava, kale, loganberries, mango, mushrooms, nectarine, orange, parsnip, passion fruit, peach, peas, pine nuts, pumpkin, raspberries, sesame seeds, spinach, spirulina, squash, strawberries, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, tomato and wheatgrass.

VITAMIN B2 (riboflavin) In combination with other B vitamins including B6 (pyridoxine) and B3 (niacin) may help with multiple sclerosis.

Natural Sources include apple, asparagus, avocado, banana, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherry, grape, green leafy vegetables, kale, lettuce, mango, mushrooms, orange, passion fruit, peas, plums, pomegranate, raspberries, spinach, spirulina, squash, strawberries, swiss chard, tomato, watercress and wheatgrass.

You can also find in herbs such as:- Alfalfa, burdock root, cayenne, chamomile, fennel seed, ginseng, nettle, peppermint and sage.

VITAMIN B6 (pyridoxine)
Natural sources: apple, asparagus, avocado, bananas, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cantaloupe, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, collard greens, eggplant, filberts, garlic, grapes, green beans, green peppers, guva, goosberries, kale, lettuce, mango, nectarine, orange, passions fruit, pear, peas, pineapple, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, onions, spinach, spirulina, strawberries, squash, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, swiss chard, tomato, watercress, walnuts, watermelon.

Herbs:- alfalfa, cayenne

BE-AWARE: Vitamins are an essential part of maintaining a fully functional, healthy body – they assist in the growth and development of the body. In combination with all the other essential nutrients they play a part in many roles including metabolism, immunity and digestion. The best and natural way to meet your vitamin needs is to eat a balanced diet containing a variety of raw fruits and vegetables. If you can’t meet your needs through food alone, then, and only then you may require dietary supplements. If you feel you need help via alternative methods you must seek guidance from your doctor, nutritionist or natural juice therapist before taking supplements.

When you look at the details above it soon becomes apparent that if we eat a well balanced diet combining raw foods as above, the body will benefit from a wide range of nutrients to keep our immune system in good working order preventing disease.

For further information contact the writer:-

Carol Brace (Natural Juice Therapist)



A fibroid is a benign tumour made up of muscular and fibrous tissue which develops in the uterus. Mainly effecting women between 30-50 yrs although can affect younger women. It is suggested that 4 out of 5 women will have fibroids at some point during their lives although 75% are symptom free, so completely unaware they have them. In fact many women with fibroids will never experience any problems whilst performing their daily activities as well as maintaining a good quality of life. Fibroids start to shrink naturally after menopause.

However, some women experience symptoms so severe that their ability to maintain their day-to-day activities proves difficult. For these women medication to regulate hormone levels, or surgery to remove the fibroid/s and in some cases remove the uterus, (hysterectomy) seems to be the only way to obtain relief from the unpleasant symptoms.

There are four types of Uterine Fibroids.

Subserosal fibroids, found on the outer uterine wall, can continue to grow putting additional pressure on surrounding organs, causing pelvic pain/pressure.

Submucosal fibroids, found just under the lining of the uterine cavity are the least common type, these large fibroid tumours may increase the size of the uterus cavity, blocking the fallopian tubes causing complications with fertility. Can cause very heavy, excessive menstrual bleeding and prolonged menstruation.

Pedunculated fibroids grow on a stalk, and can grow inside or outside of the uterine wall. They can cause pain and pressure as the fibroids are able to twist on the stalk.

Intramural fibroids, these benign tumours also known as uterine leiomyomas or myomas are found within the uterine wall. The most common of the fibroids can make the uterus feel larger than normal when it expands, so is sometimes mistaken for pregnancy or weight gain.

The additional pressure placed on surrounding organs by the growth of the fibroid can cause frequent urination and pressure. It can also cause excessive menstrual bleeding, prolonged menstrual cycles, pelvic, back pain and bloating. If located in the cervix area can cause some pain/discomfort during intercourse.

There are no clear reasons why we get fibroids although it is thought that hormones may be a factor. With genetics and ethnicity playing a role. Fibroids are known to be more common in black women.

Nonetheless there is growing evidence, albeit anecdotal, that nutrition can help in reversing and preventing the majority of degenerative diseases we are plagued with today.

We have long forgotten that as women we are very intuitive beings, nobody knows our own body better than we do and if we really think about it we may be able to remember that our body was giving plenty of warnings that all was not well. Everything you feel, that slight niggling pain, the headache, feeling tired and listless are all signs that our immune system is struggling to do its job.

If the immune system is in full working order, nothing can penetrate it. The immune system is our body’s defence against infectious organisms and other invaders. The immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our systems and cause disease. It is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. We were not designed to get sick!

Ignoring the warning signs as we so often do because of the pressure of family, housework, cooking, looking after elderly parents as well as holding down jobs will eventually take its toll.

So what can we do to heal naturally. We need to get back to basics, it would be almost impossible to revert back to just being a wife, mother and grandmother but we can prioritise and make sure that we look after our bodies properly, make time for ourselves, to pamper and nourish our inner self.

Food for Thought
An 87 year old homeless man, interviewed during the 1970s, was asked how he looked so good, he said “living on the streets is a choice for me, I like the freedom it affords me. And,” he continued, “I don’t eat junk food.”

The market vendors would give him left over fruit or vegetables, whilst a few local restaurant owners would provide him with a free wholesome meal occasionally. He was incredibly fussy about what he put into his own body.

Why didn’t he eat junk food “if I don’t look after my body, I will have nowhere to live.”

To kick start the bodies inborn healing mechanism we have to change the way we nourish ourselves. A 7 day freshly extracted juice body cleanse is an excellent way to begin. Natures fast food flooding the system with all the nutrients it requires, followed by a maintenance programme of one or two juices a day and a “clean” meal.

As well as eating clean it is necessary to manage what you feed your mind, as stress and emotional problems are on the increase with women having to deal with more and more pressures as mentioned above. Think about what you ingest through your ears and eyes, turn off the tv and change your reading material if necessary.

For more in-depth information contact me;

Carol Brace:
29th February 2016