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Sleep – Why is it so important

Why is sleep so important to our health and wellbeing, we all know that if we are tired, we can be moody, lack energy, and generally feel unwell, but what is really happening to our bodies: According to the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, sleep aids learning, memory, metabolism, weight, mood, cardiovascular health as well as […]

October – National Cholesterol Month

Are you someone who is concerned about your elevated cholesterol but not really sure if, or how you can help yourself naturally. There are ways in which you can help your body maintain a healthy balance, which includes a balanced cholesterol level. So what is cholesterol?  It is a waxy, fat-like substance that is found […]


Spirulina, is a moss-like blue green algae that grows on top of lakes or specially designed ponds. Called spirulina because of its spiral shape, it is one of the oldest inhabitants of the planet, spirulina has been described as one of the most powerful foods on earth and thought to be the richest vegetarian source […]


  I have written this article because I hear frequently from women who are concerned about their Partner’s health especially when they have been told by their GP’s they have problems in that area. Unlike women, men are not usually happy to talk about their hormonal problems so as wives, partners, mothers etc. we are […]

Juicing Action Plan for lifelong Health and Vitality

Step 1 Think about where are you today and where you would ideally like to be. You may already be healthy so should not have a problem introducing juicing into your daily diet. If however you are challenged with health problems or taking medication you will need to inform your doctor that you are planning […]

Juicing it Forward

Young people from the Phoenix Youth Project discovered the wonders of juicing on Monday 29th July 2015 when Natural Juice Therapist Carol Brace delivered a 90 minute info session on juicing and the benefits of a healthier diet. Carol demonstrated how to make a very natural lemonade, the wonders of real apple juice and the […]


Kent, famously known as the Garden of England has a long history of growing delicious fruits and vegetables. At the moment, following the stunningly beautiful spring cherry blossom we have local cherries galore, whether you buy them from vendors in lay-by’s, farmers markets, local greengrocers or from the many, pick your own sites, our local […]

What’s in an Apple

Driving back home following another successful Juice Academy I thought about a question that was asked during the Q&A session. “How do we know that all the nutrients we are saying are in an apple, or any other fruit or vegetable are actually there” My answer would be of course we don’t know, in fact […]


This article was written back in March 2011 in response to an article in the Daily Mail. The article informed us that ” 10,571 patients were admitted to hospital during 2010 because doctors feared they were so fat that their health was in immediate danger. Obesity is still a growing problem, and will continue to grow until […]