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Essential Oil Introductory Classes and workshops.

These Introductory classes are free and last for one hour. Hosted by a group of women who all have their own amazing skills and a expanse of knowledge in all things healthy to share. Following each Introductory class there will be a “hands on” 1hr  workshop focusing on one subject. There will be a charge of […]


As I move towards my 70th year I have decided to take a look at how my life has changed since retiring, and what I want from the next decade. Apart from qualifying and then working full time as a Natural Juice Therapist, I discovered an ongoing passion for knowledge I wouldn’t have thought possible. […]

Leonora’s Mission – Out Now

As the years pass by, the more amazed I am that what I have learned over the years, (and continue to learn about the huge part nutrition plays in our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally) hasn’t become main stream for everyone. Our children spend the most formative years at schools so why are we […]

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    Kentish apples are abundant at this time of year, if you are lucky enough to have a couple of trees in your garden you will no doubt be juicing, eating and enjoying all the benefits these amazing fruits are giving you. If you don’t have at least one tree, I can highly recommend […]

Thursday 25th March 2010

I can’t believe it was 6 years ago today that I travelled up to Juicy HQ and met two of the nicest people on the planet. Kate Beswick and Jason Vale. I left, grinning like a cheshire cat a few hours later as a fully qualified Natural Juice Therapist. The first to qualify after completing […]


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system. A substance called myelin ( a lipoprotein) protects the nerve fibres in the central nervous system, which helps messages travel between the brain and the rest of the body. In MS the myelin sheath is damaged causing a dysfunction of the nervous system. According […]


A fibroid is a benign tumour made up of muscular and fibrous tissue which develops in the uterus. Mainly effecting women between 30-50 yrs although can affect younger women. It is suggested that 4 out of 5 women will have fibroids at some point during their lives although 75% are symptom free, so completely unaware […]

Sleep – Why is it so important

Why is sleep so important to our health and wellbeing, we all know that if we are tired, we can be moody, lack energy, and generally feel unwell, but what is really happening to our bodies: According to the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, sleep aids learning, memory, metabolism, weight, mood, cardiovascular health as well as […]

October – National Cholesterol Month

Are you someone who is concerned about your elevated cholesterol but not really sure if, or how you can help yourself naturally. There are ways in which you can help your body maintain a healthy balance, which includes a balanced cholesterol level. So what is cholesterol?  It is a waxy, fat-like substance that is found […]


Spirulina, is a moss-like blue green algae that grows on top of lakes or specially designed ponds. Called spirulina because of its spiral shape, it is one of the oldest inhabitants of the planet, spirulina has been described as one of the most powerful foods on earth and thought to be the richest vegetarian source […]