I have written this article because I hear frequently from women who are concerned about their Partner’s health especially when they have been told by their GP’s they have problems in that area.
Unlike women, men are not usually happy to talk about their hormonal problems so as wives, partners, mothers etc. we are very rarely made aware of a problem until it is at a concerning stage.

So this is for my women readers who will hopefully leave it around for the men in their lives to look at. It is an easy to read article that I have put together to try and encourage you to look further into prevention rather than wait for a problem.

If the man in your life is suffering any problems in this area he must be advised to consult his GP. I am a qualified Natural Juice Therapist NOT a doctor. The information below is my own opinion written in simple, easy to understand terms.

The Prostate is a sac that that sits just below the bladder, Its main function is to produce fluid which protects and enriches sperm. Although the prostate is situated right under the bladder and surrounds the urethra it is not connected to the urinary apparatus.

The urethra is the tube that runs from the bladder to the end of the penis and carries the urine out of the body this tube is shared by the prostate for the ejaculation which passes from the testes through the urethra on its way out of the body.

The prostate, therefore plays a huge role in the mans ability to function sexually, I came from an era where men or women just didn’t discuss their sexual health with anyone, like mental health it somehow had a stigma that it made you less of a man / woman to admit to having a problem. I can see this is changing slowly and we are all becoming more aware of our own amazing bodies.

The prostate then is the centre of not only the mans sexual pleasure but also stress, feelings of inadequacy, aggression  etc. If stored in the prostate these unleashed emotions can become a source of health problems.

There can be various prostate problems. Painful urination, or pain during sex can be indicative of an infection or (Prostatis)

Prostate Enlargements  or BBH ( Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy ) can be indicated by straining to urinate, stopping and starting, dribbling before and after urinating. or frequent, urgency and possible incontinence.

Some of the above symptoms may also indicate cancer of the prostate, but this in no way means that you have cancer, as with any disease of the body there are many reasons that a normal, healthy prostate can become a diseased prostate, some of these are:-

Poor Diet: Studies have shown that prostate, breast and colon cancers are linked to dietary factors. Today’s food has changed drastically over the last 60 years, as the pace of life has increased so have the convenience foods, most of which the body does not recognise as food. We are consuming so much junk food (which is toxic to the body) putting unnecessary stress on all of our body systems. We MOT and service our cars on a regular basis, feed them with the correct fuel because we know that if we neglect them, they will let us down – when it comes to our body we seriously neglect it year after year and then wonder why after years of hard work keeping us on the road it finally gives up and needs major repair work or scrapping. You are in control of what you put in your mouth, start putting in the premium fuel and see how the performance in all areas of your life just gets better and better.

Stress: Another killer, and like our food we are continually putting ourselves in stressful situations on a daily basis. Relaxation is important, not only for your body but for your relationships, your family, etc. there are far too many young men being cut down in their prime due to stress, that is not how it’s supposed to be. We are designed to be on this planet for at least 120 years to live a disease free life. There are to many people working to build a better future for their families to the detriment of the present and their health – we need to rethink what is most import to us – be part of this new revolution that is building, value your body it is the only one you have, if you look after it – it will look after you!

Family History: Although there is evidence supporting the theory that family history plays a part in the development of cancer. I read a quote somewhere that went ” if you always do what you always did – you will always get what you always got” so I believe that a large part of this group could change that “certainty” by looking at their lifestyle especially nutritional and emotional patterns. I believe changing to better food choices and self development can have huge benefits to our Health and Wellbeing.

Toxins: The toxins in our environment have a lot to do with our health, and while we can not do very much about the external toxins we can choose what we use in our own homes, put on our skin and into our mouths.

There will be those who say the body rids itself of toxins naturally, and this is very true, but we have overburdened our bodies for many years clogging up our natural waste disposal system, the body just can’t keep up with the huge amounts of toxins we push into it so it backs up in the body, not only weakening the immune system, but disturbing the body’s ability to absorb the much needed vitamins and minerals thus making it easy for disease to get a foot hold.

I have just highlighted a few problem areas – there are many other factors that interfere with our health, but basically the fact is the more we do to help the body the less likely it is that we will succumb to ill health.

Five Tips for a Healthy Prostate:

1 Detox the Body with a 7 day Juice cleanse

2 Begin to eliminate or drastically reduce intake of processed foods, alcohol, red.
meats and dairy.

3 Find a Passion that will keep the mind active.

4 Exercise, move your body on a regular basis.

5 Work on expressing emotions, for far too long men have been conditioned to be “tough” but men also have feelings just as women do and withholding these
emotions can be detrimental to health.

In conclusion, I believe the health of your body is your responsibility, and that very familiar saying “You are What you Eat” does, in fact, say it all – It is you, and you alone who decide what you put into your mouth ( unless of course you are being force-fed ). You alone decide what and who you listen to, just as it is you alone who read and watch (see) what you want to. All it takes are a few changes to your lifestyle to make a difference to your overall health. Only you can truly make the difference – you can decide if you want to make this life journey feeling vibrant, healthy, happy or sluggish, sick and unhappy the choice is yours no one can make that choice for you – it’s up to you!
Enjoy the Journey!

Ref:  Prostate Heath in 90 Days by Larry Clapp PhD, JD
Your Prostate by Chet Cunningham


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